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Safety importance of reversing radar
Join Date:  2019-11-25

The driver's viewing angle in the driver's seat is very limited. The driver's field of view can be greatly improved by the mirrors inside and outside the car, but the obstacles behind the car and the height are not enough to be seen through the mirror. Or obstacles that are too close to the body may be in the driver's field of view or blurred vision. In this way, the small is inconvenient for the driver's parking and reversing, and the big one will bring some danger.

The reversing radar can provide information and warnings to the driver in the form of sound, data, images, etc. at the corners of these fields of view, so that the driver can have a clearer understanding of the surrounding obstacles, starting and parking the driver. The reversing and other aspects have greatly helped to improve the safety of driving.

The rear reversing radar we usually see is generally realized by ultrasonic sensors. These reversing radars generally consist of three parts: sensor, controller and feedback.

When the car is in the reverse state, the reversing radar starts to work, and the ultrasonic signal is emitted by the sensor. Once an obstacle appears behind the car, the ultrasonic wave is reflected by the obstacle, and the sensor receives the reflected wave signal, and the reflected wave signal is processed by the controller. Determine the location of the obstacle and the distance from the body. Finally, the feedback device feeds back the information to the driver through sound (buzzer), data (distance display), and image (display simulation).

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