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Working principle and composition of reversing radar
Join Date: 2019-11-25

The working principle of the reversing radar: When the reversing radar is reversing, the ultrasonic principle is used to transmit the ultrasonic wave to the obstacle after the probe on the rear bumper of the device transmits the ultrasonic wave to calculate the actual distance between the vehicle body and the obstacle, and then prompts Give drivers the ability to make parking or reversing easier and safer.

The reversing radar, that is, the "reverse anti-collision radar", also called "parking aid", is mainly composed of ultrasonic sensors, controllers and displays.

Chinese name: reversing radar; full name: reversing anti-collision radar; nickname: parking aid; type: car safety device

Overview: The reversing radar is a safety aid for parking or reversing the car. It can inform the driver of the obstacles around with the sound or more intuitive display, and remove the driver's parking, reversing and starting the vehicle. Caused by the trouble, and help the driver to remove the blind spots of vision and blurred vision.

Basic composition: Reversing radar is mainly composed of ultrasonic sensor, controller and display or buzzer.

1. Ultrasonic sensor: The main function is to send and receive ultrasonic signals, and then input the signals into the host and display them through the display device.

2. Controller: The signal is processed to calculate the distance and orientation between the vehicle body and the obstacle.

3. Display or buzzer: When the sensor detects that the distance between the car and the obstacle reaches a dangerous distance, the system will send an alarm through the display and the buzzer to remind the driver.

The main function:

1. Accurately measure the distance between the rear of the vehicle and the nearest obstacle;

2. When reversing to the limit distance, a short warning sound can be issued to alert the driver to the brake;

3, can repeat the voice warning sound to remind pedestrians to pay attention.

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